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A Cup Of Coffee Transfer Sticker

A Cup Of Coffee Transfer Sticker

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Description:a cup of coffee transfer sticker. 2Sheets. Perfect for all type of vintage journal, mini journal, scrapbook and other paper crafts.

What's in the set: 2 sheets transfer sticker, A5 transparent document pouch, 1 pieces of white base fabric cloth and 1 pieces of  linen base fabric cloth (in deep and light colors, can be torn into small pieces by cutting a small slit)

How to use

1. Cut out the pattern and remove the backing paper from the sticker;

2. Place the sticker on the desired surface;

3. Use the bottom of a small wooden stick, ruler, coin, or tweezers to gently rub over the sticker evenly;

4. Ensure the sticker design is securely attached before carefully peeling off the top layer of paper;

Multi-Surface Use: paper, cloth

Size range: 1.5-3.5 inches / 3-6cm

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