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Fortune Dragon Watered Gauze Journal | ZW

Fortune Dragon Watered Gauze Journal | ZW

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Description: fortune dragon watered gauze journal with cloth cover. This Journal is imbued with the essence of myths and legends, made entirely of 100% mulberry silk. The base fabric is the precious watered gauze, featuring a vintage, distressed color that shifts with the changing light. The music is subtle, the touch is soft, and it boasts a very beautiful luster. *Please note, the fabric is hand-cut, so the pattern is random.

Watered Gauze, also known as "Xiangyunsha" in Chinese, is one of the traditional silk fabrics in China, renowned for its unique patterns and texture. It is created through a special dyeing and processing technique applied to silk fabric, resulting in vibrant colors and delicate touch.

Natural plant dyes, such as gambier extract and tea residue, are used in the dyeing process of Gambiered Canton Gauze. Through multiple dyeing and sun-drying procedures, the fabric achieves rich and long-lasting colors. Its surface showcases distinctive cloud-like patterns, resembling ethereal clouds drifting in the sky.

In addition, as an intangible cultural heritage of China, Gambiered Canton Gauze carries a rich historical and cultural significance, representing the inheritance and preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

Notebook Size: A5 (14*21cm / 5.5*8inches)

Pages: 100+ pages @120gsm paper

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