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Bookish Break PET Tape Collection | Soto Studios

Bookish Break PET Tape Collection | Soto Studios

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DescriptionIntroducing our Bookish Break PET Tape Collection, tailor-made for enthusiasts of book, reading, and writing themes. This collection features a delightful blend of elements such as book, readers, bookshelves, cozy reading corners at home, coffee, the harmonious combination of books and coffee, glasses, flowers, and more, all set against a backdrop of autumn and winter scenes. In a world dominated by electronic devices, taking a quiet moment in a bookstore or enjoying a book at home has become a luxurious and comforting lifestyle. We hope to bring this cozy atmosphere to you with a strong recommendation for the Bookish Break PET Tape Collection!


Book Buff - 6x300cm / 2.3x118 inches

Literary Shelf - 7x300cm / 2.7x118 inches

Relaxing Reading Nook - 7x300cm / 2.7x118 inches

Page Duos - 5.5x300cm / 2 x118 inches

Cozy Bookshop - 7x300cm / 2.7x118 inches

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