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Brewtiful Day Coffee Journal Pack

Brewtiful Day Coffee Journal Pack

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Introducing our Brewtiful Day Coffee Journal Pack, a must-have for coffee enthusiasts and avid scrapbooking/journaling enthusiasts. This meticulously curated pack is designed to delight and inspire, featuring our exclusive Soto-designed TN journal and a practical waterproof lunch bag, perfect for on-the-go coffee lovers. Elevate your creative endeavors with the included 4 loops of exquisite PET tape from Moodtape, each boasting coffee-themed designs that will add a touch of charm to your projects. With a generous selection of 220+ high-quality papers and stickers, this pack offers endless possibilities for capturing your cherished coffee moments.

Indulge in the art of scrapbooking and journaling, infused with the rich aroma of coffee. Fuel your passion and ignite your creativity with the Brewtiful Day Coffee Journal Pack—a delightful blend of style, convenience, and inspiration. 

 What's in the pack:

- Waterproof Lunch Bag [Designed by Soto];

- Have A Brewtiful Day TN Journal [Designed by Soto]

   Journal Size: 12*20cm with 3 signatures;

   * If you would like to purchase the refill for this journal, please check this link.

- PET tapes: 

   1) Idle Coffee Moments PET Tape | Moodtape, include 1 full cycle of design;

   2) Brewing Tools PET Tape | Moodtape, include 1 full cycle of design;

   3) Coffee Hour Girls PET Tape | Moodtape, include 1 full cycle of design;

   4) Delicate Flora Long PET Tape | Yier, include 1 full cycle of design;

- stickers: 100+pcs in vellum, washi, PET stickers;

- collage papers: 110+pcs, including background papers, tags, frames, and memos;

- stains clear stamp;

- One cute paper clip, can also be used as mini stand;

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