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DIY Decorative Stencil NO.20

DIY Decorative Stencil NO.20

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Description: Cheeserabbit Studio's DIY decorative stencil. A stencil for bullet journaling or scrapbooking is a useful tool that helps create clean, consistent designs quickly and easily. It allows for customization and flexibility in planning, while saving time and reducing errors. Stencils come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit different needs and styles.

How To UseTo use a stencil, simply place it on the page where you want to create your design, hold it firmly in place with one hand, and trace the shapes or lines with a ink/spray/pen/penci/modeling clay. l using your other hand. Once you've finished tracing the stencil, you can remove it and fill in any details or color as desired.

Size: 12*20cm

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