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Translucent Vellum Envelopes 10PCS

Translucent Vellum Envelopes 10PCS

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Description: Each in this 10-pack features a frosted texture and a sturdy 120gsm thickness, providing a unique and sophisticated feel. These envelopes are perfect for a variety of uses, including regular mail, invitation packaging, greeting card wrapping, and storage for stickers or collage paper items. Elevate your packaging and storage solutions with our premium vellum envelopes, combining functionality with an elegant aesthetic. 

*Please note these vellum envelopes are certified through ISO standards, ROHS six items and halogen report, FSC Arjo, and FDA environmental certifications, ensuring quality and environmental responsibility. Please note that these envelopes are not suitable for direct contact with food.

Size: Small - 10*15cm / 4*6 inches

         Medium - 12.5*17.5cm / 5*6.9 inches

         Large - 15.5*22cm / 6*8.6 inches (can fit A5 size)

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